Thanking Carolyn Echelbarger

150416_ministries_altAfter 27 years on the Altar Guild, Carolyn Echelbarger will be stepping down after this coming Sunday. Carolyn has been Dixie’s partner in leading and training our altar guild for almost three decades. I get to see the altar guild at work every week, and I have always appreciated the gentle and compassionate way that Carolyn trains new altar guild members and supports the existing members. Her knowledge of the altar guild and its work is encyclopedic, and she will be missed.

In her resignation letter, Carolyn explained that her travel schedule has made serving regularly a challenge and she has decided that with Dixie’s retirement, the time has come for her to resign. In my response to Carolyn I wrote:

It feels like a tectonic shift to have you and Dixie stepping down from the altar guild. The earth is moving under our feet! It is always sad when a ministry comes to an end, and we will miss you. It will not be the same without you, but I also know that even a 27 year ministry sometimes comes to an end. God often surprises us though, and I would not be surprised if you find yourself called to a new ministry of one kind or another. You have great gifts and a generous heart.

Please join me in thanking Carolyn for her many years of service.

Yours in Christ,

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