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Every week when we come into the sanctuary for worship, the table is beautifully prepared. The altar has candles, a chalice, paten and veil. The elements of bread and wine are ready at the back of the church to be brought forward by the people at the right time. The torches are filled with oil and ready for procession. The flowers are arranged and in place. The hymn boards list the hymn numbers for the service. Everything is ready for our celebration of Holy Eucharist. Our Altar Guild does all of this and more. When the service is over, they clean up the table, wash the silver, and get everything ready for the next service.

While this seems like a lot, this is not what is most important about their work. Setting the space for worship is an act of prayer and a spiritual discipline. From polishing the silver to handling the consecrated elements, everything they do is an act of love and service to God. Their prayer and spiritual discipline enrich all of our lives.

In the next few days you will receive a letter from the Altar Guild with a donations envelope for holiday decorations. The Altar Guild will use your contributions to decorate the church for our Christmas Services. Please give generously. I would ask you to thank the members of the Altar Guild for their service, but they would not want me to do that. Their service is not for thanks or for notice. So, instead, I offer all our thanks here. May God bless their ministry of service and grace.

Yours in Christ,

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