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As your rector I have an alms-giving fund, called my Discretionary Account. The purpose of this fund is to help members of our congregation and people who come to us with urgent financial needs. I have used this fund, for instance, to fill a prescription for antibiotics for a homeless man, to help a parishioner with rent, to pay for emergency dental work, to buy a family a meal and put them up for the night in a motel, and to buy the occasional tank of gas for someone who has become stranded.

My Discretionary Fund is another way St. Dunstan’s Church pays it forward. I am able, in small ways, to bless those who are in need because of donations to this account from you, from the stipends I receive for funerals and weddings, and from gifts from the St. Agnes Guild. Once a year, the offering from our Thanksgiving Day service are designated for the rector’s Discretionary Account. This is one small way we can give thanks to God for the gifts and blessings we have received.

There are strict rules for how I use these funds. I cannot use them in any way that benefits me personally, such as paying for my own lunch, for books, or for continuing education classes. This money is meant for alms, and our treasurer audits the fund each year.

If you have a small financial crisis, I might be able to help. The funds are pretty limited, but I can help with small problems, and the help I offer is always confidential. We express our love for God by paying it forward, and the Rector’s Discretionary Fund is one practical way we can do that.

Yours in Christ,

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