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The St. Agnes Guild is welcoming, fun-loving, and devoted to doing God’s work in their own special way. Working together they produce the Canterbury Faire each year in November and host a Valentine’s themed dinner and a Harvest Dinner. They meet the first Friday (usually) of each month to discuss the work of the Guild, enjoy an interesting presentation, and share conversation of friends.

The St. Agnes Guild is a model of good stewardship. They give thanks to God through their community of friendship and caring. Their various events are meant to be both fun and raise money for good work. The St. Agnes Guild gives grants and gifts to various organizations with the money they raise at their events.

All that we have is a gift from God, and when we give thanks we grow in our love of God and our awareness of God’s grace. I thank God for the St. Agnes Guild and their good example. If you would like to know more about the guild, including how to participate, please speak with Lu Gardiner or Melinda Wahl.

Yours in Christ,

Note: At their May 5 meeting they will have a presentation about Hopelink. The presentation begins at 11 a.m. in the parish hall. Their web page may be found here.

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