Those Who Labor

150903_ministriesIt is remarkable how many people labor to make the life we live possible. You cannot go through a day without benefitting from the labor of countless unseen laborers. And then there are the people we actually do see, working the counter at the coffee shop or the register at the local market, or working that construction job you pass every time you go to work. What is remarkable, and even beautiful about all of this, is how much we depend on one another. From the people who pick the vegetables you will eat for dinner to the people who dug the trench for the water line into your home, we depend on one another’s labor.

This Labor Day weekend, I invite you to give thanks to God for the people whose labor makes our modern life possible. One very good way to give thanks to God is to thank one of those people. You could thank the checker at your market or the barista at your favorite coffee shop. Just take a moment to say, “Thank you for what you do.”

Yours in Christ,

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