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January is a particularly busy time of year for our treasurer, Harvey LaZelle, as he finalizes the books for 2016 and the budget 2017. Harvey works closely with the vestry, rector and bookkeeper. He manages the budget and endowments of our congregation, reporting to the vestry, rector and endowment board. His integrity and conservative approach give all of us confidence that the money we give will be used to help our congregation thrive. I value Harvey’s support and guidance as we work together to nurture this congregation.

Harvey’s work as treasurer is a true act of thanksgiving to God. Harvey uses his skills, his experience, and his God given insights to help the vestry chart the financial course of St. Dunstan’s Church. The excellent results and budget we will present at our annual Celebration of Ministries is a testament, in no small part, to Harvey’s dedication and work. When we use our talents in God’s service, we are giving thanks to God for the life and love we have so generously received. I thank Harvey for his work as treasurer.

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