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Pentecost service

Celebrating our Ministries


150806_ministriesOn Sunday morning our sanctuary is meant to be a place of worship, peace, comfort, and celebration. We manage the space in many ways to make that possible. I welcome the congregation and invite them to prayer. Our worship bulletin gives guidance throughout the service, instructing people to stand, to pray or to sing. The ushers are my partners in managing worship. They help with the flow of the service and the movement of people, collecting the offerings, managing the offertory procession, and guiding people up to communion at the appropriate time. If you need help during a service, the ushers are there.

Ushers allow us to give thanks to God without worrying about the details of the flow of the service. Their ministry allows us to devote our attention to giving thanks and praise to God. I give thanks to the people who serve as ushers for our congregation. Their care and attention are a true expression of Christian stewardship, helping and blessing others as a response to the gift of God’s love.

Being an usher gives you a great perspective on our worship. You have a role and a purpose that both focuses your attention and allows you to engage in the details of the service in a different way. If you would like to support our worship as an usher, please contact Sue Theiler or me.

Yours in Christ,

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