elders_2836cThe vestry’s job is to make sure you and I are able to do the ministries that God calls us to. Officially, vestry members are elected to “be agents and legal representatives of the Parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the parish to its clergy (canon 14)”. In practice, the vestry is the group that is out front, working with the rector to lead our congregation. Where the emphasis of my leadership is spiritual, the emphasis of the vestry is more practical, dealing with finances, buildings, and grounds, but we work together on both.

We are blessed to have an excellent vestry. We start every meeting with a spiritual reflection offered by a vestry member, and then we get down to achieving the goals of our congregation. I have learned that I can trust our vestry with the really tough problems. They have the gifts, the knowledge, the integrity, and the faith to lead our congregation. Serving on the vestry is truly an act of good stewardship, giving back to God by using one’s gifts and passion to make a difference.

We try to keep a balance of men and women on the vestry, electing four new members each year to a three-year term so we maintain 12 members. Vestry members must be baptized Christians, members of the congregation in good standing (giving and worshiping regularly), and confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. If you would like to consider serving on the vestry, please speak with me, or with our Sr. Warden, Teresa Hugel.

Yours in Christ,

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