Wednesday Bible Study

151119_ministries“What prayers of thanksgiving or intercession shall we offer to God today?” With this question, and the lighting of a candle, our Wednesday Bible study group begins sharing the things that matter to us, the concerns that weigh on our hearts and the joys we wish to give thanks for. Sometimes a prayer request leads to a conversation. Sometimes one of us will ask a question about faith or Jesus, and we will spend a few minutes exploring that. Eventually, we all pray, offering the prayers just shared and asking God to be with us as we open the scriptures.

Our Wednesday Bible Study group is a safe place to share your life, but even more importantly, it is a place where we can share love and compassion for others. The prayers, cares, concerns, and compassion we share as we come together set the context for our reading of the Bible. Our hearts are open, and we have already turned to God in trust with our prayers before we begin our exploration of the text. This prayerful approach to Bible study is a powerful way of giving thanks to God, and of living into our faith.

The Wednesday Bible Study is open to all. We usually have between 8 and 10 people in attendance, so it is a safe and intimate group. If you would like to experience a communal approach to engaging the Bible, please consider joining us. Faith is more than a feeling or ideas that we must believe. Faith is the act of living our lives while trusting in God. That’s what we do together in a very accessible and rewarding way on Wednesday mornings at 11:00.

Yours in Christ,

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