Welcoming Children in Worship

Our Sunday School is growing. We have enjoyed the presence of babies in our worship several times in the past few months. When the kids come in after class to join their parents for communion, it is, well, just like a bunch of kids running around. We haven’t had to deal with this in recent years, but that is changing.

It turns out that I can chant the preface to the Eucharistic prayer without missing my notes while watching a small child wander up and down the aisle looking for his seat. Last Sunday, at the end of Br. John’s excellent sermon, one baby could be heard blowing raspberries with his lips. (I assured the preacher that my grandson only does that when he is very happy, so he should take it as a compliment.)

I, for one, am profoundly grateful to have these children and their parents in our worship. Our Sunday School program has worked tirelessly, and with a lot of love, to create a great program. Parents, teachers, and kids all report that they love the program.

Perhaps the most profound responsibility we have as stewards of our faith is to pass the faith and our beautiful worship practices on to our children. As our Sunday School classes grow and our nursery sees more use we are sure to experience some growing pains, and I would just like to say, here and now, how happy I am to have these challenges.

Yours in Christ,

P.S. Remember our Spring work party this Saturday, April 8th, from 9 AM to noon. Palm cross folding is at 10.

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