What I Love about Summer Choir

150604_choirSt. Dunstan’s has a tradition of pulling together a pick-up choir a few Sundays during the summer to learn an anthem to sing for the congregation. I love this idea for many reasons.

First and foremost, I love that there’s no pressure of commitment. Summer choir is for those of you who love to sing but don’t have time for a Thursday night choir rehearsal; for those of you who like music and want to know more about it; for those of you who want to be a part of a musical community; for those of you who wake up early on Sunday and think hey, I might as well head over to the church to see what this is all about!

I also love that summer choir is all about musical empowerment. A very common and unfortunate phenomenon in today’s society is for someone to think they can’t sing, even though they love to do it. I happen to think that’s absurd, and with a little musical empowerment that “I can’t” attitude can be quickly turned around through a little hard work and practice.

Finally, I love that summer choir provides an opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of the gospel as you sing your faith. This week’s anthem focuses on the David and Goliath story, which we will hear about in Fr. David’s sermon. Singing the words helps us internalize the text and helps garner a new perspective on the message.

If you’re interested in singing your faith, seeing what it’s like to be part of a musical community, or furthering your musical education, I encourage you to join us this Sunday at 9:00AM. The goal is to have fun while singing – I hope you’ll be there!

Susanna Valleau
Music Director

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