30 Hour Famine

150312_edOur Youth Group is happy to let you know that once again we will be taking part in the national program, the 30 Hour Famine. We have participated in this activity before, and it has always been a success because of the youth’s hard work and your generous donations and support. The program is sponsored by World Vision, which supports a feeding program for hungry children around the world. Our goal at St. Dunstan’s this year is to raise $2,000, and we hope you will help us. Soon, you will see posters up around the church advertising what we are doing, and you will also see our youth before and after church service sitting by the door into the Parish Hall, collecting money for World Vision. This money will help to feed hundreds of starving and hungry children, so please consider donating and give generously.

This year our youth are hosting three other youth groups for the 30 Hour Famine, which will take place on April 17th and 18th. The youth and their leaders from St. Augustine’s in the Woods on Whidbey Island, St. Hilda- St. Patrick in Edmonds, and Northern Lights International Ministry Church in Everett will all be joining us at St. Dunstan’s. The youth will all begin fasting at noon on Friday, and then we will meet after school on Friday afternoon at St. Dunstan’s. In the evening we will hold a prayer service and sing-a-long, enjoy some activities together, and talk about world hunger and how we can help. There will also be time to enjoy a movie and share fellowship. On Saturday, we will do outreach work and wrap up the day by ending our “fast,” and enjoying dinner together. St. Dunstan’s will be filled with teenagers doing God’s work, and it will be an amazing two days.

We at St. Dunstan’s are involved with helping those in need, and this is our youth’s opportunity to once again be a part of that ministry. They have done many outreach activities in the past, and more are planned for the future. Please support their work and contribute to World Vision so that we may help stop the hunger that so many young children are experiencing throughout our world.

There will be more information coming soon, and if you have any questions please ask one of our youth, Mary O., Sue Theiler, or me. We thank you in advance for your generous support. Together, we can make this a successful campaign and rejoice in the fact that our youth are involved in this important ministry. Together we can make a difference. We all thank you for your continuing support and caring.

Mary E. Pacher

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