A Giant Thank You

150218_edAt the Celebration of Ministries and Annual Meeting last Sunday, I stood and expressed my gratitude to the congregation for their support. Some of you were unable to attend that meeting, so I want to repeat some of what I said.

I want to give a giant “Thank You” to the people of St. Dunstan’s Church. Your generosity and love have contributed so much to our Christian Education program, and it is because of you that we are experiencing the love of God and so much success.

To those of you who have donated scholarships and materials to our Vacation Bible Camp, we are most grateful. The St. Agnes Guild has been very generous in this for several years and recently there have been others who have also helped.

We have two different sets of books that have been purchased and donated to our Sunday School, and the children love them. They are a part of our curriculum now. We have also seen your generosity in your contributions to our yearly Easter Basket outreach program.

Our Youth Group has received countless gifts of time and labors of love. So many of you helped make Project Linus meaningful and gave your time, fabrics, and love to children who are in need. Our church was bustling with activity in the weeks that we were making quilts. It was truly a multi-generational activity, and we thank you. Thanks also to those of you who donated to Ryan’s House Giving Tree at Christmas. Those gifts were delivered and helped many homeless teens on Whidbey Island.

The list goes on and on. None of this could have happened without all of you. Our Sunday school teachers and Youth Group leaders give countless hours of their time to our children and youth, and we are blessed with their dedication and love. And let’s not forget our children and youth! Their enthusiasm and excitement in learning is a blessing to all of us.

We are traveling this faith journey together, my friends, and as we travel we feel God’s love and share His blessings. Thank you for your support, your love, and your caring.

Mary E. Pacher

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