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Adult Education, Fall 2016

Prayer Books AdultEdBeginning in October we will be offering an Adult Forum every second Sunday of the month at 9:00am. Each session will focus on a different aspect of our life in the Episcopal Church and include time for questions and suggestions for future gatherings. You are invited to attend whether you are a cradle Episcopalian, came to St. Dunstan’s for the first time this week, or fall anywhere in between.

October 9: The Diaconate in the Episcopal Church – Then and Now
Want to know about our deacon-in-training Pat Grodt – what she is preparing for and her process for getting there? Come learn about the ministry of the diaconate in the Episcopal Church. Facilitated by Pat Grodt.

November 13: Religious Communities in the Episcopal Church – Traditional and Modern
Want to learn more about Br. John and the Community of the Paraclete and other Episcopal Communities? Come learn about the history and evolution of the monastic life within the Anglican tradition. Bring your questions and own experiences to share. Facilitated by Br. John Ryan and Mother Catharine Reid.

December 11: The Gospel of Matthew
As we begin Year A in our three-year cycle of Sunday gospel readings, come learn something of who wrote this gospel, who it was written for, and what makes this gospel different. Facilitated by Mother Catharine

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