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2014 Cathedral DayEach year our Diocese holds their annual Cathedral Day up at St. Mark’s Cathedral. It is a day that is enjoyed by children, youth, and adults throughout our area. It includes a parade of parishes, a worship service which includes confirmations and receptions, and an afternoon that is filled with fun activities and excitement.

Cathedral Day is this Saturday, and the youth from St. Dunstan’s will be attending the festivities. We will be at the worship service where our own Jonathan Hanneman and his wife Shannon Walker will be formally received into the Episcopal Church. This is part of Jonathan’s discernment process as he continues his path into studying for the priesthood. It is a wonderful opportunity for our youth to witness this part of the process.

Following the worship service, we will join youth from around the Diocese for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. Our youth have had the joy of working with young people from other churches in our Diocese in the past, and that will continue in the future.

As we re-imagine how we work within our community as a church, we are also re-imagining how our youth will work together with others. St. Dunstan’s youth are actively involved with youth from other Episcopal churches as well as youth from Methodist churches and, most recently, youth from Northern Lights International Ministry. Working together to do God’s work affords all the youth opportunities to grow in their understanding of the different ways that worship services are held and gives them a deeper understanding of one another. In the future we will be taking mission trips together with our friends, sharing outreach experiences, enjoying gatherings together, and much more.

Youth Groups in the past, as well as many churches, have for the most part worked and functioned in their own area. That is changing throughout the entire country. As we at St. Dunstan’s continue to reach out to our community, I am pleased that our youth are doing this as well. They are excited to be making new friends and sharing new adventures with others. We are building relationships and community and having a great time while doing so.

Stay tuned. Our youth are on the move. Come and join us at the Cathedral on Saturday if you can. It promises to be a fabulous day.

Mary E. Pacher

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