Children’s Stewardship

kids_8308cThis is the second week of our stewardship campaign at St. Dunstan’s. We have heard about it from Fr. David and members of our congregation and also read about it in the Highlights. It is a time for each one of us to reflect on the many ways that we support the church that we all love and to make a commitment to continue doing God’s work.

One definition of stewardship is “The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.”

Our Sunday school teachers have discussed stewardship with the children during the campaign, and they looked at the different ways that all of us are involved in it. Recently the teachers asked each child to reflect on the activities they take part in that are part of stewardship. The children wrote their ideas down, illustrated them, and then discussed them with each other and their teachers. Then all their papers were collected and a chart was made using each one. Some of the children’s responses were bringing up the food basket, holding the banner in the processional, washing dishes, holding the children’s cross in the offertory, cleaning our Sunday school room, being a sheep in the Christmas Pageant, and more. I have put their work on the table in the Parish Hall for you to look at and enjoy.

Our teachers care for our children and our children are active participants in the life of our church. They are learning what being a good steward means and they are living that role. Our children are gifts from God and a blessing to all of us. They are learning to share God’s love and joy with others through their stewardship to our church. God bless each and every one of them, and God bless our Sunday school teachers, our parents, and our congregation.

Mary E. Pacher

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