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Last Sunday members of our Youth Group at St. Dunstan’s presented an invitation for you to be involved with the furnishing of their youth room downstairs. They are in the midst of transforming an ordinary room into a special and wonderful room. They have painted a beautiful mural on one wall and have painted the rest of the room as well. It is lovely, and when it is all finished, they will host an Open House for all of you.

When the youth met for the first time this fall, they shared how they would like to furnish their room. Some of the things on their wish list are


  • comfy chairs
  • a TV
  • a couch
  • games
  • CD’s
  • large floor pillows
  • wall decorations
  • a message board
  • and bean bag chairs.

On the white board in the Narthex there are pictures of the youth room as it is now. Beautifully painted, but no furniture. We invite you, the congregation, to donate gently used or new furniture as well as financial gifts so that our young people can purchase some of the things they would like. This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in creating a fabulous space for their meetings and for them to share with the other teens they meet with in the Diocese. We would love your help.

Mary E.

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