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outreach_4229cThe Youth Group at St. Dunstan’s is doing amazing work in our community, and we can all be very proud of them. One of their goals is to do an outreach project of some kind each month when they meet, and they have touched the lives of many by following this plan. They have collected books for the patients at Children’s Hospital, cleared hiking trails, raised money for World Vision, cleaned the grounds at St. Augustine’s in the Woods, co-hosted a Christmas party for the homeless teens at Ryan’s House on Whidbey Island, and the list goes on. Next month they are meeting at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and joining their friends there to take part in a project. They are making a difference in our community, and I am very proud of them.

This Saturday afternoon, our youth will once again reach out to others and help. For their meeting this week,they are gathering together at St. Dunstan’s, preparing a meal, and delivering it to our guests in Tent City 3. Some of our youth are bringing friends to help with this. It is a wonderful opportunity to not only be gracious hosts to our guests but to also know that they can help those who need that help. They are sharing the blessings and love of God with others. What a wonderful lifelong lesson that is for all of us!

God bless our young people, and God bless all of you who have loved and supported them.

Mary E. Pacher

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