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150212_ed_02Last Sunday evening our Youth Group at St. Dunstan’s hosted a wonderful evening that was filled with prayers, fellowship, dinner, and outreach. It was an evening like so many that our youth are involved in where they are growing in their faith, getting to know youth from other churches, and making a difference in our community.

Northern Lights International Ministry Church joined us for the evening. We have met with this group several times before, and everyone always has a good time. We lift up prayers for each other, share stories and concerns, and talk about God. It is heartwarming to be a part of these conversations as our youth reach out to others.

150212_ed_03After dinner, we frosted Valentine cookies together. There was frosting of all colors, sprinkles and gel writing tubes, and lots of plain cookies to decorate. Some of the cookies they decorated were unbelievable. There were pretty ones and funny ones, and all were very creative. The adults that were present also pitched in. By the time we were all finished, we had fourteen trays of cookies ready to go out into the community. Northern Lights youth took theirs with them and will distribute them to people in their community. Our youth will give the ones they made to our friends at Tent City 3, and some will go to our Tuesday night Community Dinner guests.

150212_ed_01We all have been blessed in so many ways, and I love seeing our youth develop into leaders and find ways that they can share their blessings and help others. Maybe it’s by collecting food,  or books for Children’s Hospital, or helping Ryan’s House Homeless teens, or clearing trails at a local park. Whatever they are doing, they are reaching outside our church walls and touching the lives of others. This time they made cookies, and I know the people receiving them will have a smile on their face when they get them. Of course the young people had to try a few of the cookies themselves as well. Quality checking, right?

Thank you for your continuing support of our young people. We can all be very proud of each and every one of them.

Mary E Pacher

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