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PrintThis coming Sunday, June 8th, will be the last regularly scheduled meeting for both our Sunday school and our Youth Group until next September. During the past two years we have made many changes and achieved many successes in our programs for the children and youth at St. Dunstan’s Church.

I want to give a very special thank you to our team of Sunday school teachers. We use the basic curriculum from Seasons of the Spirit for our program, but the gifts and talents of our six teachers have greatly enhanced that curriculum. We meet together on a regular basis to share ideas and creativity, and they have produced wonderful opportunities and projects for our children. Their love and caring in providing a Christian education for the children is evident on many levels. A very special thanks to our team of teachers, which includes Liz Hinkofer, Joan Baker, Brynne Sterling, Karen Tynes, and Harley & Melinda Wahl. You are a blessing to our children.

Our Youth Group has done God’s work in many places. Their outreach work with Ryan’s House and Tent City 3 and their newfound partnerships with youth from other churches has enriched their faith. I want to give a special thank you to Mary O. Pacher who leads the youth group with me. I also want to thank Sue Theiler for her continuing assistance each week and thank all of our parents. Our parents have provided meals for us, attended some of our events, and are always ready to step up and find out how they can help. As we continue to work with other churches and other youth, all of our adults will play an important role.

I want to give thanks to our vestry and to Fr. David for their support this past year. You have always been there for us and given your love and support to our children and our teachers. We are building a Christian Education program at St. Dunstan’s that will include other churches and other youth, and I truly appreciate your encouragement.

Sunday, June 15th, is our annual Youth Service at St. Dunstan’s. The children and youth hope that you will attend. They play an active role in it, and our high school graduating senior, Kristen Pacher, will give the sermon.

We have much to be proud of in our children and youth at St. Dunstan’s. All that we have accomplished has been made possible because of their work, the work of the adults in the programs, and with your support. I look forward to continued progress next year and to working with the most incredible teams ever. God bless all of you.

Mary E. Pacher

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