The Church that Feeds People

Pentecost service

Extended Serving Assignments

Lectors – Assigned by Alice Marshall

June 25 @ 8:00: Tom Paulson
June 25 @ 10:00: Marilyn Firman, Louanne Shelton
July 2 @ 8:00: Randy VanHuesden
July 2 @ 10:00: Alice Marshall, Tina Polf
July 9 @ 8:00: Alice Marshall
July 9 @ 10:00: TBD, Mary O. Pacher

Ushers – Assigned by Chris Johns

June 25: Ann-Patrice Riccardo, Harvey Lazelle, Madeline Sego, Sue Theiler
July 2: Janet Allen, Chris Johns, Harvey Lazelle, Polly Etling
July 9: Harvey Lazelle, Madeline Sego, Dennis Beals, Bill Barnsdale
July 16:Chris Johns, Polly Etling, Janet Allen, Bill Barnsdale
July 23: Sue Theiler, Harvey Lazelle, Dennis Beals, Janet Allen

Altar Guild – Assigned by Karen Tynes

June 25: Madeline Sego, Jill Spruce, Claree Vandegrift
July 2: Tina Bunes, Penny Pendleton, Danielle Williams
July 9: Joy Barnsdale, Claree Vandegrift, Joyce Babb
July 16: Trish Carosiello, Lu Gardiner, Joyce Babb

Eucharistic Ministers – Assigned by Rica O’Connor

June 25: Chris Johns, Jon Pacher
July 2: Scott Prather, Dennis Beals