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What do I love about St. Dunstan’s Church?

I love the moment when I am preaching and I begin to lose myself in the message. I look at the people listening and see the same wonder in their eyes that I feel. I love that I can sing the Eucharistic prayer week after week and the words continue to be a new creation. I love the connection with God we share each time we take communion. “This is the body of Christ, the bread of heaven.” I love the way our Wednesday Bible Study continues to dig deep, challenging and inspiring each other.

David’s Message: What We Do is Who We Are

Earlier this week, my dental hygienist was lamenting that people want to kill each other over differing sets of beliefs. She went on to describe religion, and religious extremists in particular, as fighting over competing sets of beliefs. I think we can all understand where she is coming from. We have all heard our faith, and other religions, described as “belief systems”.