An Even Bigger Table

151210_rectorIt was not looking good. Two of our regular cooks could not come. Josef and I were standing alone in the kitchen wondering how would the meal get cooked? So I told Josef that I would stay to help in the kitchen. Josef then left to pick up some food donations, and I started doing prep-work: cutting vegetables, cleaning fruit, and such. Before Josef got back 20 minutes later, there were so many people in the kitchen that I was just in the way.

That’s what it has been like at St. Dunstan’s Church these days. In our annual stewardship campaign, we declared that when we have more than we need, we Build a Bigger Table, not a higher fence. Since then we have been blessed with an abundance of grace and generosity. In the past couple months I have met with half a dozen new members to get to know them and to welcome them to St. Dunstan’s Church. We have several new children in our Sunday School class. New people are showing up to cook and to clean up at our Community Dinners. (We even had a woman come who saw Josef buying two large carts of food and asked what it was all for. When he told her about the Community Dinner, she decided to come and help, and she did!)

We set out to build a bigger table, and people are coming to the table. At this rate, we will just have to make the table even bigger. Thank you to each of you who have contributed to the life and vitality of our ministries and worship here at St. Dunstan’s church. I look forward to celebrating Christmas with you as we give thanks to God by building a bigger table.

Yours in Christ,

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