David’s Blog: Remembering the Saints

all saints Every Sunday, across the globe, millions of people celebrate Holy Communion and worship the God revealed to us by Jesus Christ. Not only are we joining all the other Christians on any given Sunday, we are joining together with all who have celebrated Holy Communion in generations past and generations yet to come.

The Apostle Paul speaks of all Christians as “saints”. In the letter to the Hebrews, in the 11th chapter, a long recitation is given of all the notable characters throughout the Bible, leading up to Jesus and the saints that trust in and love Jesus. There is a great tradition of acknowledging the faith of those who have gone before us, and remembering them by name on All Saints Day each year.

At St. Dunstan’s Church we remember loved ones who have died with a recitation of names on All Saints Day joining our own departed saints with generations past, present and future. We start our worship at the Columbarium Chapel, processing into the church, and then joining in a renewal of our Baptismal Covenant. An important part of this worship is the reciting of the names of our loved ones who have died.

You are invited to give us the names of people you would like us to remember in the service. You can either email the names to the office at mailto:office@sdchp.org with a subject line of “All Saints Names” or give us a written list in person on Sunday. We will observe All Saints Day on Sunday, November 6.

Yours in Christ,

P.S. We will also celebrate All Saints Day with a beautiful Evensong service at the Henry Chapel in the Highlands on Friday, November 4th, at 7:00 PM. This festive evensong will be a collaboration between St. Dunstan’s Church, Luther Memorial Church, and Broadview UCC.

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