The Church that Feeds People

Pentecost service


What do I love about St. Dunstan’s Church?

I love the moment when I am preaching and I begin to lose myself in the message. I look at the people listening and see the same wonder in their eyes that I feel. I love that I can sing the Eucharistic prayer week after week and the words continue to be a new creation. I love the connection with God we share each time we take communion. “This is the body of Christ, the bread of heaven.” I love the way our Wednesday Bible Study continues to dig deep, challenging and inspiring each other.

I love the quiet moments of shared grief. I love the experience of honoring a life well lived with our outstanding burial services.

I love that this is where I come to grow spiritually. In prayer, study, service and fellowship, each week I am challenged and inspired. I love the friends who join me on the path as we walk with Jesus.

I love that I am delighted by who shows up each week, whether Sunday at worship, Wednesday for Bible Study or Tuesday evenings for Community Dinner. I love that I cannot explain how we have done all this, or how we continue to do it. I love that every week there are enough people, and the right people, to carry on our work and ministry together. I love that it doesn’t occur to me to worry about whether we will have enough, because we always do! I love that there is no explanation for St. Dunstan’s Church other that God. St. Dunstan’s Church is what God is doing here and now, and I love it.


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