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David’s Message: We Have 3 Poké-stops

Poke Stop If you see someone wandering around the church, looking a bit bewildered at their phone, chances are they are playing Pokémon Go. The object of the game is to collect imaginary creatures called Pokémon, but in Pokémon Go, they are found in the real world. The application uses the camera and GPS on a smart phone to simulate finding “wild” Pokémon in the real world. When you find a creature, it appears on the screen of the phone looking as if it is right there in front of you.
There are various special locations, called Poké-stops, where you can get special items in the game, and where you are more likely to find the magical creatures. There are three of these locations on our campus.

  • The St. Dunstan’s Church street sign.
  • St. Dunstan’s Church
  • Chief Gary carving

The wonderful thing about this game is that it takes people out of their living rooms and into the world where they can meet other people and enjoy their neighborhoods. My adult children were immediately enthusiastic about this game, so I loaded the free App on my phone.

PokeStop 2I think this is a wonderful opportunity for hospitality. Pokémon Go will bring people to visit our beautiful campus who would never otherwise have come. If you see someone wandering around the church, staring at their phone, ask if they are playing Pokémon Go, and welcome them. You might even try the game yourself.

Yours in Christ,

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