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150402_cathedralDayThis Saturday, April 28th, will be the annual Cathedral Day held at our own St. Mark’s Cathedral. The event starts at 10:30AM with a Celebration Eucharist and then continues with fun & games and complimentary lunch! You are encouraged to register so that they can be sure to have enough lunch for all, but that is not compulsory, and the entire event is free.

Now, I was accused of forgetting to mention this event on Sunday because of this next detail. The fun of Cathedral Day includes a dunk tank. In past years the Bishop was the sole victim, or target, or dunk-ee, but this year he has invited several others to join him in the fun. Somehow, I did not figure out a graceful way of saying no, so I will be in the tank from 2:30PM until 2:45.

That means, if you have a good throwing arm, I’m going to get very wet. The dunk tank is a fundraiser for Episcopal Relief and Development. I hope you can come enjoy Cathedral Day, but if you do, I hope you throw like a toddler!

Yours in Christ,

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