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Easter Thanks!

160331_rectorThank you to all of you who gave of your hearts, your time, and your many gifts to make this year’s Holy Week and Easter so very, very wonderful! On Maundy Thursday we enjoyed a delicious meal of lamb kebabs and a lovely worship service. This would not have been possible without the hours of work given by our Community Dinners team, including Liz, Josef, Jessie, Karen, Chris, Bill and Joy. There are more, and my thanks goes to you all.

Good Friday was thoughtful and deep, with the heart moving solemn collects and the always touching veneration of the cross. Again, all our worship teams were present, making sure the service was a success.

The Sunrise Vigil was superb. The fire was dramatic, the Exsultet, sung in three parts, was inspiring, and the readers did a fabulous job, without exception. The ushers helped us enter into the grandeur of the service and the readings. The soloist, Charlene Kern, elevated the music of the entire service with her excellent voice. And everyone was there, ready to go, long before the sunrise!

Easter breakfast was a new and wonderful event. The Community Dinners folks put together a delicious meal, with eggs benedict, abundant fruit, and pastries as well. We had people from the vigil, from the neighborhood, and some who came early for the 10:00AM service enjoying this wonderful meal. I guess it is true: if you feed them, they will come!

The primary Easter Day worship was a triumph. We had standing room only and set up extra chairs for all the people that came to enjoy this beautiful service. The choir, led by Susanna, did a fabulous job and we were treated to the beautiful tones of our bell choir, led by Karin. Susanna’s prelude and postlude music pushed the outer limits of our old organ, coaxing beautiful and joyful music out of a tired instrument. The whole thing felt abundant, beautiful, and joyful.

While we were enjoying the music and prayers upstairs, downstairs our Sunday School children were enjoying an Easter egg hunt and a delightful Easter lesson. We had a dozen kids this year and the teachers did a great job.

Every single one of these services was beautifully prepared and supported by our most excellent Altar Guild. I wish you could have been there on Saturday afternoon to watch this lovely group of people setting up the church with all the flowers and the beautiful white vestments for the Sunrise Vigil and Easter Day services. Their love for the work and for one another was inspiring to see.

After the main service we had a coffee hour to match the joy and abundant love of the event. We set out extra tables and filled them all. The chocolate fondue, fruit platters, and even sparkling wine made for a coffee hour worthy of such a beautiful Easter.

So thank you to everyone: Altar Guild, ushers, Eucharistic Ministers, Sunday School teachers, choir, bell choir, readers, greeters, staff, and Community Dinners team. Your loving contribution to our Easter worship is a wonderful demonstration of how life-giving Christian stewardship truly is.

Yours in Christ,

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