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Feeding the 5000 (almost)

Tuesday night we hosted our first Community Dinner at St. Dunstan’s Church, feeding 50 people from our congregation in a dress rehearsal of the dinners we will offer every week to whoever should like to come and eat with us. The dinners will all be free, with an opportunity to make a contribution if you are both able and inspired to do so.

140814_rector_02Two Sundays ago, as we heard the Gospel story of Jesus feeding the 5000, we brought out the new equipment and even some of the food that would be used for our Community Dinners. We said a prayer, asking God to bless our tools and our efforts as we set out to feed God’s people.

Then Josef and the team began cooking and preparing to feed us.

140814_rector_03We had red beans and rice, lamb stew, green salad, and three different fruit salads to choose from.

Josef, Danielle, and the entire team did a wonderful job of cooking. Others came to set up the space, and still more contributed to the cleanup afterwards. We learned some lessons, and we are truly ready to welcome our neighbors to enjoy fellowship and food with us next Tuesday.

DSC00053-20It is beautiful to me to see the feeding ministries of our congregation grow and bless God’s people. Thank you to all who have contributed. The 50 we fed weren’t quite 5000, but we will keep at this, following Jesus’ example of blessing the food we are given and feeding the people who come.

Yours in Christ,

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