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Field Reports From Agents of Hope

(This post has been updated 7/2/2012 with new stories and pictures of Hope! See below.)

Whatever your challenges and whatever your struggles and indeed, whatever your blessings, God is there with you. As agents of hope we are looking for the signs of God’s love in the world around us. For the last couple of weeks I have been encouraging you to seek out, nurture and share signs of hope as you go through your week. Now, our Agents of Hope are reporting in! Here are a few of examples of where your fellow “agents” are finding hope. As you can see from, hope comes in many forms.

Hope found in Courage

Speaking of hope….

Marvin is a street person who supports himself by selling Real Change, a weekly newspaper advocating for the disadvantaged.

Marvin is struggling with 3 different kinds of cancer, but always has a smile on his face and truly enjoys meeting and greeting people.

He is grateful for his 3 grown sons who are all doing well, and is just happy if he is given another day to be out amongst us all.

This image was taken in October of 2011, and the last time I saw him, in early May, he had lost a lot of weight. Nonetheless, he was still upbeat and smiling, and had to tell me another of his jokes, bad as they are.

This is the face of gratitude, the sense you are given when your hope is successfully fulfilled, regardless of the circumstances.

Thank you Marvin, and Godspeed.


Hope found in Healing

Dear David,

In your sermon last Sunday, you asked us to look for signs of  hope this week, and I have a wonderful sign to share with you.

As you know my niece Terry, has been waging a brave battle with pancreatic cancer.  She has been through a great deal in the past few months and the radiation and chemo treatments have taken a lot out of her.  Terry is about midway through these procedures and yesterday I received an awesome email from her.  The tumor has shrunk and is now about half its original size.

The people of St. Dunstan’s have prayed for Terry these past months and our bible study group has prayed and remembered her at each of our meetings. I am so grateful for those prayers, and I know there is hope for Terry’s future.  Praise God.


Mary E.

Hope From My Boat

Dear David,

This is one of my favorite early morning photos, I took it last year on Cara Beth’s birthday in early April. I happened to be rowing towards UW when the sun was rising. For just a moment, the sunlight was only coming through the portal of the bridge, and towards me across the water. On this particular morning, I had the strongest sense of God’s presence, very close. I like that the light comes to meet me, I don’t even have to go through the bridge.

That’s Hope.

Hope Found in You

I find hope in you: all of you. Together, as people who love, worship and serve God, we are more than agents of hope. We are God’s own children, richly receiving God’s love and taking that love into the world as we live our lives. Your stories of hope inspire me and your faith gives me hope.

Yours in Christ,



This place gives me a space in which to refresh my being and brings my spirit into the Presence of the Holy.  Br. John



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  1. Only in the Gospel of Christ, do we find such incredible hope. No other religion or philosophy promises us this. If we put our faith and trust in God, we will find the hope and peace that we all long for. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our stories. Each story gives all of us hope.

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