Finding True Peace

150423_rectorIn several of the resurrection stories, Jesus enters a room and says, “Peace be with you.” I love the idea and the experience of a deep, spiritual peace that is more than the absence of hostility or conflict. The peace that Jesus offers comes from trusting in God. Finding that kind of peace is a challenge. When I am meditating on something like peace, I find myself wondering how we can experience it here and now. How can we know this gift of peace that Jesus offers?

This week we started the Financial Peace University class, a nine week program to teach financial practices based in scripture and Christian values that promises to give the actual experience of peace around our finances. Financial peace comes from trusting in God and then using our finances in ways that are consistent with our faith. The course teaches a set of Christian and financial practices that make peace possible.

We can find true peace around our finances through these practices. We can find true peace in other parts of our lives through practices that apply the lessons of faith to our everyday lives. If you are hoping for financial peace, there is still time to join the class. You can join us with session 2 and make up the first session. If you are looking for peace in another part of your life, ask yourself what Christian practices and values might apply. Do you need to learn to forgive? Often we cannot forgive ourselves until we learn to forgive others. Do you suffer from anxiety? Consider a practice of centering prayer. The beauty of the way of Jesus is that our whole life, our relationships, and even our whole being are transformed by the love of God. That is the source of true peace.

Yours in Christ,

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