Get Lost in the Story, and Find Yourself

150326_rectorHave you ever had the experience of losing yourself in a good book? You are reading and nothing else exists. The characters are real, the drama is unfolding around you, the scenes are vivid, and you entirely forget you are reading and become lost in the story. Or perhaps you have had a similar experience when watching a great movie in the theater. You forget the people sitting around you and the smell of popcorn and even the spring in the seat that is poking you and lose yourself in the events and characters on the screen.

When we enter into a story to the point where we lose ourselves we gain a different perspective. The story stops being something we observe and becomes something with the power to move us emotionally and even transform our hearts and minds.

Holy Week services are a way to lose yourself in the story of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection to the point where your emotions are moved and your heart and mind are transformed. Jesus’ story is more that a good tale. Jesus’ story reveals the way to God. That means that when we are lost in Jesus’ story we find our true life.

Maundy Thursday we will recall the last supper at which Jesus gives us the new commandment, that we love one another as he has loved us. He gave that commandment to his closest friends and disciples in the context of a meal, and that is what we will do. We will celebrate Maundy Thursday with Holy Communion shared in the context of good friends eating a delicious meal.

On Good Friday we will recall Jesus’ journey to the cross and his death. We enter into the darkness and grief of Jesus’ death because darkness and grief are inevitably our companions at some point in our own lives. Jesus shows us how to travel through those times in faith.

On Saturday evening we will celebrate the Easter Vigil with the powerful ritual of lighting the new flame. All the light for the first part of this service will come from the new flame and the Paschal Candle, signifying that all our life comes from God. This service recounts the great stories of salvation history culminating in the wondrous gift of Jesus the Christ.

I invite you to lose yourself in the story. Experience the emotional ups and downs, the humbling challenge, and the joyful gift of new life at Easter.

  • Palm Sunday: 8:00am (chapel); 10:00am (St. Dunstan’s)
  • Maundy Thursday Agape Meal: 7:00pm
  • Good Friday: 7:00pm
  • Great Vigil of Easter (Saturday): 8:00pm
  • Easter Morning: 10:00am (combined service)

Yours in Christ,


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