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How to Build a Bigger Table

dinner_13138bcThe theme of our Stewardship Campaign this year is “Build a Bigger Table,” and I have been thinking about how we actually do that. The table in our dining room at home has leaves in it so you can make the table longer when you have more guests. Each leaf adds two places to the table. We have squeezed as many as eight people around the table when all the leaves are in. It’s crowded, but it works. When we have more than eight people to feed, we have been known to bring another table into the room. We do this for big events, like Thanksgiving dinner. I think the most dramatic table expansion I have ever seen was many years ago in a modest one bedroom apartment in San Francisco. Our friend Ketavan was from Georgia (the country), and she had a lot of family living nearby. She decided to throw a party to celebrate getting her new apartment. She invited Alice and me as friends, along with several other people from our crowd, and all her family. When we got there the table in the dining area had been extended with planks of wood and saw horses from the dining area, through the living room, right onto the balcony to welcome and celebrate family, old friends and new friends, all together! The Georgian tradition was to sit everyone down with heaps of food, give toasts, and tell jokes and stories all night. It was wonderful!

At St. Dunstan’s Church we love our dinner guests. We celebrate long-held fellowship by setting out extra tables for the Harvest Dinner and other traditional meals. And now as we welcome new friends, we are building a bigger table; a table for dinner guests, old friends, family, and new friends.

We want you with us at the table. As you consider your pledge for 2016, please give generously and support us in building that table right out the door into the world where old friends, family, and new friends can all enjoy the feast together.

Yours in Christ,

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