Kinda Depressing?

160623_rectorTowards the end of the season of Lent one of our parishioners told me that he thought the sermons had been “kinda depressing” lately. He wasn’t wrong. I thought back through the last several sermons and saw that I had repeatedly spoken of the experience of forsakenness: that we experience it, and that Christ experienced it on the cross.

I’m thinking about that comment again today because I have planned three funerals in the past two weeks and was invited to a fourth. We have lost friends and loved ones. As I prepare for the funerals, I know that we have a beautiful service, beautiful rituals and prayers, and that I consistently find our burial service to be both comforting and uplifting.

In many ways, Christianity is most powerful in the midst of suffering. Jesus did not come and show us a way to avoid the pain, loss, failures, suffering and grief that seem to make up every life. Instead, he came and experienced all of these things, and showed us that we can embrace life with love even in their midst.

So really, life is “kinda depressing,” and we are blessed to have the support and love of our sisters and brothers as we stumble through it all. We face the struggles of life together, supported by the love of Christ and our love and care of one another.

Yours in Christ,



Please come on Saturday, June 25th, at 2:00PM as we celebrate the life of Deacon Jerry Garman. Deacon Jerry served St. Dunstan’s Church for several years, and was much loved. Our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Gregory Rickel, will preside at this service. If you are able, please park in the lower parking lot to leave space for the many people who knew Jerry from other congregations to park in our upper lot.

On July 2nd, at 1:00PM, we will celebrate the life of Ron Lehman, Brother John’s life partner of 38 years.

On July 23rd, at 2:00PM we will celebrate the life of Dorenda Wilson, a life long member of our congregation.

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