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150507_rectorOn Sunday I preached about abiding in Christ as an active, communal action that starts with our worship and flows out into our lives. I used the illustration of a flash mob to illustrate abiding as something that flows from intentional communal actions. A flash mob is like walking into a Hollywood musical. Suddenly the people around you are singing and dancing, and those of us who witness it are filled with wonder and joy.

I think that the reason a flash mob is so wondrous and inspiring is that seeing people dance together or create music unexpectedly in an unusual location reveals the beauty of the holy connection we all share as human beings created in God’s image.

A flash mob, just like a Hollywood musical, takes intense planning, creative design, and lots of rehearsal to succeed. That is what abiding in Christ is like. Like a flash mob or a Hollywood musical, we plan our worship, prepare the space, rehearse, choose music and readings, and then we come together and we become much more than a crowd of random people who just happen to be in the same place. There is a holy connection among us as children of God that is revealed in the joy of our worship.

On Monday I got a text from Richard Newby with his take on the sermon. He said, “Abide equals live it.” Live it. That is a great summary. Live it. We abide in Christ by preparing, planning, rehearsing, and coming together in worship, but that is just the beginning. We abide in Christ as we leave the service and go into our lives, to our homes, to our work, and to our neighborhoods. Worship inspires us and prepares us and even rehearses us to go into the world and do God’s work, or, as Jesus says, to bear much fruit. Live it for all you are worth.

Yours in Christ,

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