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Oh God, Help Me?

Ayear38gcWhen we are in trouble, really struggling, we often turn to God with some version of the prayer, “Oh God, help me!” God is always present, and scriptures are full of the reassurance that God knows our suffering and hears our cries. And yet, I find myself wondering if there might be a more powerful, or at least more helpful, way to pray when we find ourselves calling out to God.

For example, most of us have prayed for patience, and usually with the simple prayer, “Please God, help me be patient.” What if instead we were to pray, “Thank you God for helping me to be patient and kind.”? After all, we are capable of being patient and kind, and we have been patient and kind. We know that with God’s help we can be patient and kind again, even in a challenging situation.

Pray as though the prayer has already been answered. Pray with the confidence that your relationship with God will sustain you, God hears your prayers, and you will again be blessed. As you pray, know that have already received guidance and so you are able to focus on the solution rather than focusing on the problem. Focusing on the solution is so much more hopeful.

In our lives as Christians, and in our life together as a congregation, we are always asking for God’s guidance. What is God calling us to do/be given who we are and the gifts we have? Consider the benefits of an affirmative approach to these important questions: Not, “God show us where to go,” but “God, thank you for guiding our steps this far. Thank you for providing us with inspiration and direction.” Rather than being a supplicant unworthy of grace, when we pray with gratitude, we create a sense of having already been blessed with grace.

Yours in Christ,

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