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150702_rectorI went someplace Tuesday morning that a year ago would have been a scandal! Because of the devotion and ministry of some of our neighbors in Shoreline, the building that used to be Sugar’s Strip Club is now a great new coffee shop. The dark and ugly building has been transformed into a light, clean, family friendly coffee shop called One Cup Café.

I first heard about One Cup at a Shoreline minister’s luncheon where a minister from Bethany Church described the project to turn an icon of evil into a beacon of light. One Cup Café is a collaboration between the owner of One Cup (this is his third café), Bethany Church, and the owner of the building. They went into the defunct club and prayed for God to cleanse the space, and then they hired contractors to demolish the old club and transform it into the beautiful coffee shop it is today.

One Cup is also a movement to raise money for World Vision, the same organization that organizes the 30 Hour Famine program our youth have enjoyed several times. They are also raising money by selling their coffee to churches, so we will look into that too. You can find out more at

I went to the One Cup Café today to meet with a colleague from Union Gospel Mission to talk about our various ministries and explore ways we might be able support one another. I arrived 45 minutes early because I read my calendar wrong, so I opened up my computer and sat at a table to work. It is a beautiful space, with comfortable couches and easy chairs, tables for those of us who want to work on our computers, free Wifi access, and even a corner for children. Next time you want to meet someone for coffee, I recommend One Cup Café at 16743 Aurora Ave N.

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