One Still, White Feather

150618_rectorSeveral years ago I was kayaking in the San Juan Islands, near Cypress Island, on a warm and calm morning, when I saw a single white feather floating on the surface of the water. The feather wasn’t so much in the water as on the water, seeming to rest on the surface without even getting wet. I was arrested by the beauty of that moment, with the beautiful blue-green water, the spacious silence, and the island in the background.

In the years since that moment the vision of that feather has become my favorite image for meditation and prayer. As I sit in silence, offering my prayers to God and listening with my heart, I remember that feather, suspended between the air and the sea, silently moving with each ripple and each gentle breeze. When we meditate we are suspended between our world and God. We are in our world, touching the spiritual world, and affected by both. As I meditate on this image, it becomes clear that the spiritual world and our world are one.

There is a peace that comes with a practice of daily prayer that gives us strength to face life’s challenges, lowers anxiety, and opens our hearts to joy and happiness. When I find myself feeling stressed or overwhelmed by my work, I am tempted to give up my prayer time and dive straight into my to-do list. When I do, I find myself even more stressed. If I keep my practice of prayer, making time even when other tasks or people demand my attention, I find that I am more creative, more effective, and more available to the people who need me.

Daily prayer, weekly worship, and weekly service are three foundational practices of our life together as followers of Jesus. If you want to grow spiritually, I recommend that you start with daily prayer, weekly worship, and some sort of weekly service.

Yours in Christ,

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