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150514_rectorLast Saturday the vestry and I met to conduct our annual Mutual Ministry Review. This is a review of our past year’s work, focusing on the goals we set last year and reviewing the results, and an opportunity to set goals for the next year. As we began to consider goals for the next year, our facilitator, the Rev. Jonathan Meyers, asked us to consider the possibilities for St. Dunstan’s Church, and he defined possibilities as a statement of a future condition that is beyond reach. We initially struggled with “beyond reach” but came to understand that the objective is to think bigger than what is obviously or easily possible.

As we dug into the possibilities for St. Dunstan’s Church, Jonathan asked,

  • What crossroads are we at appropriate to the purpose of this gathering?
  • What declarations are you prepared to make about the possibilities of the future?
  • What gifts are you ready to offer the church/neighborhood/world?

Asking about possibilities instead of jumping straight to goals opened us up to the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We started the day with Morning Prayer, asking for God’s presence and guidance, and that set the tone for the whole day. By the time we were talking about possibilities, there was a sense of God working through the group. I could not tell you who suggested each of the goals we eventually set for the next year, but each of them seemed exactly right for who we are, where we are, the gifts we have to offer, and for the possibilities your vestry imagines for the future.

I came away from this meeting with a sense of gratitude and enthusiasm. I am grateful for the excellent work our vestry is doing. I am enthusiastic about working together to accomplish these goals in the next year. (You can see the goals themselves in Teresa Hugel’s article.)

Yours in Christ,

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