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141106_rectorOne of the messages of our Pay it Forward stewardship campaign this year is to give to God first. We spoke of the blessing and abundance that comes when we commit to giving to God from the first fruits of our labors. As I was thinking about this again this week, I realized that we are also blessed when we give to God first with our time.

When you look at your calendar you probably see lunch appointments, doctor’s visits, and the meetings or events you will attend this week. Have you set time aside to tend to your relationship with God? Have you set time aside for your relationship with your family and friends? Relationships thrive and grow when we tend to them. We can only grow closer to the people in our lives, and to God, when we invest our time.

You have probably heard someone talk about how wonderful their marriage is and then say that they keep a weekly date night. We have all watched couples that have fallen in love spend virtually all their time together. Love, knowledge, and affection grow when we spend time together.

A calendar can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth, or it can be a distraction that takes us away from the things we love. If we only put the appointments we have to remember on our calendar and not the things we love, our schedules can fill up with stuff that does not feed our souls. You can take control of your time with your calendar by putting the things that will feed your body and spirit there, along with your meetings and appointments. Try putting “work out” on your calendar if you need to get more exercise. Put “home” on you calendar if you need to spend more nights with your family or kids. And put “prayer time” on your calendar to spend more time with God.

Do you have Sunday worship marked off on your calendar? Sunday worship empowers us to be the people God intends us to be. You will be empowered to Pay it Forward by worshiping together on Sunday. Do you take time each day for prayer? You will have a greater capacity for compassion and generosity, for paying it forward, if you set aside time for God daily.

Yours in Christ,

PrintP.S.: If you have not made a pledge to support St. Dunstan’s Church in 2015, please consider doing so this week. We hope to be able to build a budget that reflects our values as a congregation and that supports our ministries, and we need your support. You have probably noticed that attendance is up this year. Our Sunday attendance is up 15% over the previous year since June. Pledge to support the growing vitality of our congregation. Pledge to support the growing ministries of our congregation. Pledge to Pay it Forward.

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