Setting Goals for 2016-17

160519_rectorLast Saturday your vestry dedicated an entire day to our annual Mutual Ministry Review. We reviewed the goals we set in May of 2015 to see how we did. We talked about our hopes and dreams for the congregation in the next year and we set new goals for our work and ministry.

Before I tell you about those new goals, I want to compliment the Vestry of St. Dunstan’s Church. We started the day with a spiritual reflection, and as each member of the vestry shared their thoughts and feelings, I knew we were going to have an excellent day. It is an honor to work with such fine people, with such clear integrity, authenticity, and dedication to doing God’s work.

Over the course of the day we developed the outlines of three new goals. We have some more work to do on action plans and specific deliverables. That work is continuing and should be done by the June vestry meeting. Now, here are the three goal areas:

  1. The first goal is about Community Outreach. This includes our feeding ministries, hosting Tent City, and working with neighbors and organizations to make a difference in our neighborhood. The team working on this goal plans to attend the Shoreline Farmers’ Market or other events to promote our ministries and to find new opportunities to make a difference. They set specific goals to attend 3 such events with handouts, a booth, and clear goals for what they will say.
  2. The second goal is in an area we are calling Electronic Evangelism. This is more than improving our website and weekly newsletter. The website and newsletter are great tools for communicating with our membership. This goal is to use Facebook and social media tools to reach people outside the congregation. The team working on Electronic Evangelism will meet to develop a strategy for using Facebook and report at the June vestry meeting.
  3. The third goal is to invite families with younger children to participate in our congregation. The team working on this goal will use our Vacation Bible Camp and other events to reach out to families, and to find out how we can make a difference for that population.

We hope to have specifics, with due dates, who will do the work, next steps, and action plans, for all these goals in the next month. You can be proud of your hard working vestry. They are committed to these new goals and we have what it takes to achieve them.

Yours in Christ,

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