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Teaching the Basics

150813_rectorThe “basics” classes I will be teaching this year are a part of the curriculum of the Restoration Project. Along with three simple practices, the basics classes offer us a foundation for growing in Christ. Spiritual growth as a follower of Jesus always involves learning from Jesus and putting our faith in Jesus’ promise that we are both beloved of God and called by God to bring God’s love and healing to our broken and suffering world.

The first class, Basic Anglicanism, is an introduction to the particular practices and traditions of the Episcopal Church. This course will answer your questions about the history, worship, theology, and polity of the Episcopal Church.

The next class is Basic Christianity, covering in four in-depth sessions:

  • The Christian Story: Creation / Fall / Redemption
  • Jesus: Incarnation and the Cross
  • Jesus: Crucifixion and Resurrection
  • Already / Not Yet: Our Life in Christ / Kingdom of God

Basic Bible will cover:

  • The Big Overview: When YHWH Met Sally
  • The Hebrew Scriptures / Learning Lectio Divina, or the Bible says, “Gnaw on this!”
  • The Hebrew Scriptures / Set Your GPS for Zion
  • The Gospels / The Incarnation: It’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping!
  • Acts & Epistles (Revelation?)

Finally, Basic Discipleship will cover:

  • Pray
  • Worship
  • Learn and Discern
  • Serve
  • Give

I plan to teach these classes in such a way that those with years of experience as Christians will find themselves engaged and enriched, and those who are brand new to the faith will be encouraged and empowered to begin their life of discipleship.

Yours in Christ,

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