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The Joy of Carols

141120_lessonsWhen I was a kid, Christmas happened in the summer time. I’m not kidding. It really did. I lived in Peru, in the southern hemisphere, and Christmas was at just about the hottest time of the year. We lived in a small mining town on the coast, and most of the people there worked for the mining company. A few days before Christmas each year we had Christmas caroling. One of the fathers would borrow a large stake-sided truck from the mine and we would load about 30 kids and adults into the back. Mimeographed sheets of Christmas carols would be handed out, and then the truck would drive through town while we sang out the songs. Imagine singing “Jingle Bells” from the back of a flatbed truck in the heat of summer! The season was all wrong, but the joy and the spirit of Christmas were exactly right.

The story of Christmas is best told in carols, whether from the back of a truck or in a church. The hymns and carols we sing evoke the best emotions and most beautiful sentiments of this wonderful holiday. That is what makes our Lessons and Carols service so much fun.

Lessons and Carols is a traditional Anglican service that combines readings from the Bible with carols. Don’t be scared off by the word “lessons.” The readings capture highlights of the story of what God has done, building up to the birth of Christ, to give us the gift of God’s Spirit. We’ll hear a series of short readings and after each we will sing a carol. After the readings and carols we’ll share in Holy Communion. After the service, the St. Agnes Guild will offer a very special reception.

For this special service we are combining the 8:00AM service and the 10:00AM service into the one service at St. Dunstan’s Church at 10:00AM. I hope you will come to sing our joy of the season and share in the fellowship that is to follow.

Yours in Christ,

P.S.: Thank you to all of you who have pledged to Pay it Forward at St. Dunstan’s Church with your pledge for 2015. We are now building the budget for next year based on your pledges.

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