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We’ve Got What It Takes

150903_rectorOn this past Saturday afternoon, the storm knocked out power to St. Dunstan’s Church. We had a few random lights and appliances that mysteriously still worked, but most of the church went dark. The power was out for a day and a half, only coming back on Monday morning. For the most part, it was no problem at all, and that is what I want to give thanks for today.

The power failure was no problem because of all the people who cooperated, improvised, and offered their time and efforts to make things work. Harvey and Chris spent the night, taking shifts to make sure the church was secure. (When I heard this I told Chris that if he spent another night in the church we were going to have to start charging him rent!)

On Sunday morning Susanna shifted all the music from organ to piano. We are blessed to have a very good piano and an organ that runs on electricity. The blower and even the individual mechanisms that open each pipe to sound a note all are electric. It just so happened that Karin Rogers was scheduled to play a prelude, offertory music, and even a postlude, so the service was full of beautiful music even without an organ.

Josef and Liz had planned to make clam chowder and bread for our hospitality time after the service. I asked if they were going to go ahead, and Josef replied, “Of course!” They used paper bowls instead of ceramic to save on dish washing (the dish washer is, of course, electric!) and went right ahead.

The Altar Guild set up in the dark, and managed to get everything in the right place. I think they may have lit the candles a little earlier than usual to see what they were doing at the altar.

Alex sat in his usual spot in the sound booth. I guess he just likes it there. We didn’t have sound amplification but our space works reasonably well without it. After all, the chanting I do in the Eucharistic prayer was first developed as a way to help people hear the prayers in large churches.

St. Dunstan’s Church has the gifts and the strengths we need to be a vital, healthy congregation, and that is exactly what we are. We are doing God’s work in Shoreline and Seattle, in our neighborhoods, and in our workplaces. We will continue to give thanks to God by using our gifts, passions, hearts, and hands to do God’s work, both through our worship and through our ministries. Thanks be to God, we’ve got what it takes.

Yours in Christ,

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