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What Can We Learn From TC3?

outreach_6115cA couple weeks ago Tent City 3 moved onto St. Dunstan’s Church campus, so the issues of homelessness are very present for us. This week I would like to consider a thought-provoking question. What if homelessness is not a problem for us to solve? What if we are not here to help the people living in Tent City 3? What if they are here to teach us something?

I traveled to Mexico about 13 years ago to help build two houses in the city of Juarez. There were about 20 people on the trip and every night, after 10 or 12 hours in the hot sun building the houses, we would gather to reflect on the day. As the week went on, we realized that we were getting much more out of this experience than we could ever give. The experience of being with the families who would live in the houses (they were living next to the construction site) and seeing how they lived was profound. I went there thinking I would be doing something for someone else and returned humbled, knowing that I had been changed as a person by walking with someone else for just a week.

So I ask again, what if homelessness is not a problem we can solve? Maybe the gift of having TC3 on our church campus is that we have the opportunity to walk with people who are different from ourselves. If we get to know our neighbors in this short visit, we may find that we are blessed by the encounter.

You can always stop by the camp and ask for a tour. The security desk always has someone who can greet you and they will find someone to show you around. Or, you could come to dinner on Tuesday night.

Yours in Christ,

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