End of the Program Year

Thanks to everyone for attending and contributing to the success of Brother John Ryan’s Silver Jubilee of Life Profession in the Order of the Community of the Paraclete. What a celebration. It was wonderful. Congratulations Brother John.

160602_agnesThe last Saint Agnes meeting of the season is Friday, June 10th at 10:00AM. Following the business meeting, we will have a presentation by Pastor Kahn (pronounced Hahn) from Pakistan. Pastor Kahn will speak of his work to help create home-based businesses for Christian girls and women in Pakistan. His group is creating sewing centers where the women can do sewing work that they sell. We are so looking forward to hearing Pastor Kahn. All Saint Dunstan’s members are welcome to attend Pastor Kahn’s presentation, which will start about 11:15AM

Our Saint Agnes Luncheon will be hosted by Ann Patrice Riccardo and Lu. Luncheon will be based on a few recipes from Jan Karon’s Mitford Series: Father Tim’s Baked Ham, Puny’s Potato Salad, Salad and Dessert from Ann Patrice’s and Lu’s Kitchen.

Lu Gardiner

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