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stAgnesThe final Saint Agnes meeting of the season will be held on Friday, June 5. Our regular business meeting begins promptly at 10:00AM, followed by our “end of the season party.” Ann Patrice Riccardo and Lu Gardiner will be hosting. Entertainment will be by Hal Sawyer at the piano—how wonderful!

This has been a productive season for Saint Agnes. We are delighted to say our Outreach program is healthy and strong. We are happy to share our list of Outreach recipients, both in-church and outside of Saint Dunstan’s. The list will be provided at your asking.

Coming up in the fall will be our Harvest Dinner, probably early October. The date will be announced. This will be followed by the Canterbury Faire Holiday Bazaar scheduled for Saturday, November 14, 9:30AM–3:00PM. Proceeds always benefit our Outreach Program.

Please visit www.canterburyfairebazaar.com for more information. If you would like to be a vendor, don’t hesitate to check with Ann Patrice or Lu. Vendor inquiries are already coming in.

Thank you,

Lu Gardiner

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