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150305_saintsEveryone has a history, everyone has their own story. It may not be a story you can identify with, it may not look anything like your story, but each one is valid. A condemned criminal, publicly executed, and scorned by his society — we call Him Lord, we worship Him!

Next time you want to fly by someone begging, someone who does not look like you, take a look inside and find that homeless lost person that is part of you. That can’t be true you think, well I never would wind up like THAT, I would not allow it. There is a connection between all of us, and we all are loved by the same Heavenly Father equally, the difference is how we love back, or rather how we are able to love back.

The next time a stranger walks through our doors, remember there is a story inside that person, and it is just as valid as yours or mine. For Lent let go of the judgment and look on that person with love.

See you next week –
bro. John


  1. Mike Servais says:

    How times have changed at St. Dunstan’s since I moved almost 3 years ago. When I joined St. D’s in 1989, the parish had no outreach budget or effort. Adult education was by book club lead by a member. All of the energy went into building projects and the music program. How different the parish is now? I love your column and relay it to others here in San Diego.
    Yours in Christ
    Mike Servais

    • Br. John says:

      Mike -thank you for your kind words, yes St. D.’s is a very different place now.
      From our kitchen alone we have served 5,211 with meals, since last November. Members of the congregation
      work in a mobile health clinic and our youth program is a leader in the area with out reach.
      You would be very proud of your former parish, we are now a Congregation of Disciples of
      Our Lord, taking the Gospel call to heart. Starting in June we will once again host Tent City 3 on our grounds. We have wonderful leadership in our Rector and Deacon, as well as a very active lay ministry. Take good care, and be safe in Our Lord.
      Br. John Ryan, O.C.P.

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