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A Special Tuesday in Holy Week

Every Tuesday evening several of us take turns at the “welcome table” to help folks feel at home as they come in for dinner. When they arrive, we ask them to take a ticket so they can get dinner. The Tuesday in Holy Week became a special evening for me, as we invited people to take a palm cross when they picked up their dinner ticket. For me the reactions were a source of inspiration and hope. People who some would avoid on the street had a glimmer of recognition and thanks in their eyes. Someone thought to share a sacred thing with them, a part of our inner life being offered to a stranger.

Responses ran the gamut, but a few I remember: “oh it is Easter time; I remember these from years ago when I went to church; may I have extra for my family and friends?”; or, “this is a blessing, thank you”. Also, the nod of a head and the glimmer of recognition in someone’s eyes said everything.

The important thing is each person was recognized, respected and invited to be a part of us in our community of Faith, even if only for a very brief moment. God can use those brief moments to touch a heart for the first time, or to re-kindle a love that seemed lost. My Resurrection moments came that Tuesday evening, I saw little flickers of love in eyes that were tired, alone and afraid. One other thing that always touches my heart is when someone reaches into their pocket to put what change or dollar bill they have into the donation can and says “I am sorry this is all I can spare this week, but I want to help”.  Come by some Tuesday evening and meet Jesus as He comes through the door for dinner, He will be tired, may smell bad, have old dirty clothes on, have an attitude, or be one of the several children who come hungry for supper and a smile.

A special thank you to Josef, Liz and everyone who works on these meals, this is an act of caring love, THIS IS RESURRECTION!

See you next week.
I am your bro. John

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