Advent Pilgrimage – a Guidepost

kneelingThe guidepost we encounter is the Virtue of HUMILITY, which is the hallmark of Christmas. This virtue shares the root word “hum” which leads to earth, (humus), then to human. Thus humility is the soil in which we grow our humanity! For the followers of Jesus humility is not lowliness or meekness and certainly not the sin of Pride. It is first the recognition of the entry of God in Humanity. For us, the Baptized it is the recognition of the Sacred Presence in our own and communal lives. It is through Jesus, like Him we can say “Our Father”, this is humility. We begin to become aware of our roles in Salvation History, how we fit into the puzzle of the whole picture. This recognition is an important component of our life through Jesus. We are part of the human community, not the center. Our concern as Christians is for the common good, through that our own salvation, our life in the sacred comes.

Just as Jesus did in order to carry out these missions of life we must accept and use the gifts we have for others. Sometimes we get so carried away with wanting to do “good” for others, we forget those standing within the circle of our own lives. Don’t neglect the folks in your neighborhood, or your own relatives and friends. Others can be standing close to us with an aching heart, while we look elsewhere to bring comfort and healing. This brings us back to HUMILITY, being willing share ourselves out of love for another. Take time in Silence to rethink the life of Jesus, the Christ as a model of humble recognition in love. Next week I want to explore the role of Joseph in the pilgrimage through Advent, the following week, the last week of Advent we will explore our way to Bethlehem in our lives today.

See you next time,
I am your bro. John, O.C.P.

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